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Pronov helps store managers manage their inventories to improve their profitability & oversight.


Pronov gives you insights into individual product sales performance, helping you make informed decisions.

Psychology AI

Pronov AI algorithm helps in understanding the unique buying behaviour of your customers.

Reporting & Accounting

Pronov provides accurate, interactive and easy to understand Business and Financial reports.

About Pronov

Pronov LLC is a startup that was launched to solve the problems within the supply chain network of medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

We were originally referred to as Project NerveOnVerge which was conceived in 2014 as a response to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges to foster Financial Inclusion for the bottom of the pyramid population. While we started out with the healthcare industry, we are growing our capacity to provide the services that were so successful to all business owners.

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What We Offer

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Mobile Applications

Our mobile applications are the delight of store owners with single or multiple stores. Using the Pronov mobile apps allows you to manage your store(s) from the click of a button on your device.

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Desktop Dashboards

Our Dashboards gives you more visually appealing & interactive analytics. The spikes are also well captured making sure you get detailed insights on profitability and business progress.

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Security Features

Pronov's anti-phishing and encrypted software technology ensures that your inventories and details are kept safe and more secured. You have control over user roles and privileges.

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