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  • by Doyinsola Adeyemi
  • September 11, 2019
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Hey Moms, the holiday has finally come to an end. Mixed feelings, right? It is totally understandable. And getting the right essentials for the new session can be so much work as well. I also want to congratulate you in advance, now that waking up very early has started again. Motherhood is sweet, right?

Added to these things is your child’s health which comes tops that chart. And yes, it is possible to prevent children from falling sick all through the school session, absolutely possible. Some things must be in place to achieve that which is what we will be looking into in the next few paragraphs. 


Kids are active and that may make parents oblivious of the fact that just like adults, they also need rest. That may mean parent scheduling sister times and bed-time alarms to make them get enough rest during the day and night respectively. This may not be fun for them when you start but trust me when the attitude is formed, they will be thankful for it. Let them have some 9-13 hours of sleep every day to ensure they rest well. Read more about sleep from our blog on Insomnia.


Giving kids balanced diets daily increases their productivity and reduces the risk of sicknesses and diseases as their system is immuned to fight sicknesses and diseases. Let them form the attitude of eating food instead of junks, fruits in place of snacks, smoothies in place of carbonated drinks and good water to prevent diseases. Also, encourage them to take enough water before and after meals.


Children sit more during school hours, it is then important for parents to encourage physical activities that would make the children physically engaged after school hours. This will strengthen them and prevent childhood obesity which is becoming more rampant by the day. 


Children can be very carefree and that is why encouraging hygienic practices should be priorities to parents. Ensure they bathe well and at least twice daily. This will help them form a good habit and live healthily. Encourage regular hand-washing. Teach them to wash their hands well and regularly, especially before touching anything that they will eventually eat. Hand-washing be a routine for them. 


What easily comes to mind when drug abuse is mentioned is alcohol and other related substances. But do you know that giving unprescribed drugs is equally a drug abuse? Yes, whenever you discover unusual symptoms in a child, the best practice is to consult a medical professional. This is not only going to help the child’s health but also instil the attitude of consulting professionals before using taking any drugs. 

Mums, be conscious of drilling some good habits into children. It would help you and the children live healthy lives. Make healthy habits a traditional practice in the house and see children live without drugs. 


  1. Ifeoluwa
    September 11, 2019 at 2:13 pm

    Great piece. Very helpful, thank you.

    • Doyinsola Adeyemi
      September 12, 2019 at 8:44 am

      Thank you, Ifeoluwa.

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